We use Aquaponic farming in an easily controlled environment to grow year round. We combine raising fish and plants together in one system. Combined with good bacteria and composting worms, fish provide the food and the plants provide filtration. All working together to grow the biggest, healthiest food possible. This saves water, grows food faster, has no pests or weeds, and is much better for the environment.


     Our roots start in Hobbs New Mexico from our own backyard garden. After a plentiful harvest we always had lots of extras. We shared our extra produce with locals and got involved in our Farmers Market. We fell in love with sharing our food with others and helping the community eat healthy.  Originally from New Mexico, we noticed a lack in these lifestyle options available there. We want our community to eat and live well, and through our food from the farm, we hope to accomplish just that.



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    Dory Farms is motivated by our goals and values. These include providing local, non-gmo, organically grown produce year round. Raising happy animals, educating and connecting people to their food, restoring native plants and wildlife habitats, all while together as a community and having fun in the process! We want you to have healthy options because you have the right to choose good food.

    We utilize our soil and aquaponic system to provide produce year round. We want a biodiverse, ecologically sound system. We focus on the wildlife by building a habitat that depends on Mother Nature rather than fight her. It is important to us to build a healthy ecosystem on our farm because it is our home. We are an organic, no spray family farm, providing seasonal, fresh produce, eggs, flowers, herbs and plants. 100% local, 100% fresh, 100% committed.

    Our ultimate goal is to be fully productive in nothing but green houses to become the largest supplier of organically grown produce. We want to teach our community about becoming healthier and are eager to learn more ourselves. Come out and help us grow. Stop by your neighborhood market and say hi, we would love to see and talk to you!

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